Green Beans, Hold the Pistachios

Finished product

I know you can find literally millions of recipes online, but I’m a sucker for cookbooks.  There’s just something about flipping through the pages and taking in the beautiful photographs that makes me want to cook (not an easy feat).  So, when I saw Ripe at Anthropologie several weeks ago, I knew I had to have it.

Ripe is a cookbook focused on cooking with fresh produce.  Instead of being organized by season, it’s organized by color, which adds to the visual appeal of the book.  Each fruit and vegetable has a dedicated recipe, as well as three other ideas for uses.  As someone who is a novice cook, this is a great way for me to get an idea of flavors that pair well together.  There is also a short intro for each produce item; a lot of times it has tips for how to pick the item and a little background info from the author (these intros are usually pretty funny…I haven’t read all of them yet, but trust, I will).  And the photographs?  They are gorgeous.  If you’ve never wanted to eat fruits and vegetables, this book will change your mind.

Anyway, I was at the farmers market last week and picked up some green beans.  I really had no motivation when I bought them; I’ve never cooked green beans before (unless you count heating up the kind that come in a can, ha).  I think subconsciously, I must have had Ripe in mind, though.  When I was reading the reviews for the book, one reviewer stated that a single recipe was worth the price of the book alone:  Green Beans with Smoked Pistachio Dust.

I had this recipe in the back of my mind when I went grocery shopping earlier this week, and noted that I needed to pick up pistachios.  Then I got to the grocery store and noted that the pistachios were $7.99 per bag.  Um, no, thank you.  I will wait until there’s a sale.

But, the impatient person that I am, I still wanted to try the recipe.  Since the only thing I lacked were the pistachios, I decided to give it a whirl today for a side dish for lunch.  I quartered the recipe to make one serving instead of four, which made the perfect amount of dust for the green beans (side note:  I forgot how fun it is to snap green beans!).  A drizzle of olive oil, with a sprinkle of the (pistachio-less) dust, made for the perfect seasoning to the green beans.  You could still taste the green-ness (technical term) of the green beans, but the spice mixture kept it from being bland.  I can only imagine the pistachios would add to the deliciousness.

I’m excited to now have a side dish that goes with just about anything.  And it’s healthy!  I can’t wait to try this with pistachios.  Just as soon as they go on sale.