Cinnamon Overload


I bought steel cut oats on a whim.  I’d been wanting to try them, so as I was cruising down the cereal aisle at the grocery store, I tossed a cylinder into my cart.  This was a week or so ago, and since I’m a lazy bum and hate making a breakfast that takes more than 5-10 minutes, I just got around to trying them today.

Steel cut oats are purportedly the superhero version of regular rolled oats (what you typically get when you see the Quaker man).  Instead of being pressed, the oat kernels are left whole and then cut, which means they retain more of their nutritional value.  It also means they take longer to cook, and are chewier than “regular” oats.

I decided to use this recipe from Oh She Glows.  Since I was only making breakfast for myself (J was fast asleep), I halved the recipe.  I also subbed agave syrup for the banana (bananas rarely make an appearance in this apartment), and wheat germ for the flaxseed and chia.  Since I was halving the recipe, the logical thing would be to use half of the cinnamon, right (1 tsp)?  That’s what I did and it was….very cinnamon-y.  Very, very cinnamon-y.  It was definitely still edible, but next time I think I would use maybe a 1/2 tsp, and then add more if necessary.

Otherwise, I enjoyed the chewiness of the oats.  It made me feel like I was eating something more substantial than regular oatmeal.  I had some left over, so I packed it into a tupperware container to use tomorrow morning for breakfast.  I could add some almonds, but other than that, I can’t see adding anything else since it’s so very…cinnamon-y.  But now I know, right?