Spinach is Healthy, Right?

And now for something completely different.  Well, not really.  Obviously, I’m interested in eating healthy food.  I feel better and have more energy when I’m not eating pizza/take-out/junk food all the time.  But I don’t want to cook strictly “health” food.  Life’s too short to not eat delicious food, which is why there are cupcakes (that I made!) in my banner picture.  And why I’m posting on spinach dip bread bowls.

These things are so delicious.  And so ridiculously easy.  The most annoying part (for me) is having to tear apart the dough and shape it into the muffin pan.  I don’t even mind cooking the spinach (what!?!).  I’ve made these a few times now, both in regular muffin tins and mini muffin tins, and they always turn out well.  I follow the recipe exactly, except I use regular salt instead of sea salt, minced garlic instead of fresh (we really need to get a good garlic press!), and I use a hand mixer to mix the dip ingredients together.  I’ve found that’s the best way to make sure that the spinach is really spread throughout.

To be honest, my quest of cooking at home is more about knowing what’s going into my food and using “real food” instead of processed (when possible).  Yes, this uses pre-made dough.  I would be very interested in trying a variation using my own dough at some point, simply because I like making bread.  But overall, this recipe isn’t THAT bad for you.  I mean, it has spinach, right?!?