Vegetable Aversion

Looks gross, tastes great

It all started with an unfortunate incident involving tempeh, Trader Joe’s red curry sauce, and peppers.  “It” being my week-long-and-still-strong aversion to anything remotely healthy.  (Hint: if you like real red curry, don’t buy the Trader Joe’s kind.  Just suck it up and go to a Thai restaurant.)  Anyway, ever since then, just the thought of vegetables has made my stomach turn.  Who knows, it could be some weird side effect from all of the meds I’m currently on, because nothing has really sounded appetizing for the past few days.  I even looked through Milk and Cookies and nothing was calling out to me.  When cookies don’t tempt me, we have a problem.

So I was standing in the middle of the grocery store, trying to figure out what to have for dinner.  I didn’t want anything complicated, but I didn’t want to just eat a frozen pizza (again).  Enter this recipe for Penne with Vodka Cream Sauce.  I haven’t made it in forever because J got sick once after I made it, and I don’t like to make it when he’s around in case there’s something in there that triggers his IBS.  Since he wasn’t going to be here, I was in the clear.

It’s a simple recipe, and it’s ready in less than half an hour if you start the sauce while the pasta is boiling.  I follow the recipe exactly, except that I use shredded parmesan instead of grated.  Be warned: this looks disgusting while cooking.  When you add in the tomato sauce and cream, it will look like a huge mess of grease.  And you’ll think it will never combine.  But it will.  And it will be delicious.  AND it’s just as good reheated.  Which is important when you’re making a pound of pasta for one person.

Yes, I dropped a noodle. Shhh.

I bought a bag of spinach with every intention of having a salad with this to at least have something healthy, but…well, you see my plate at the top of the post.  Maybe tomorrow?


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