A Cookie Request


A couple of weeks ago, I received a special request from J to make M&M cookies.  It just so happened that I had already ordered Milk and Cookies, which is a cookbook written by the pastry chef of the famous Milk and Cookies bakery in NYC.  It also just so happened that the book had a recipe for M&M cookies.  Score.

The neat thing about this cookbook is that the cookies are divided up by five different “base doughs.”  Then, you just tweak the recipes from there to make a variety of cookies.  The M&M cookies use the sugar cookie base dough.  The recipe was straight-forward, a lot like any other cookie recipe I’ve run across.  The unique thing is that you don’t mix the dough all the way; instead, you knead the dough in the final stage before adding any mix-ins (in this case, the M&Ms).

One thing is for sure, these cookies have A LOT of M&Ms.  In fact, I had several stray M&Ms after using up all the dough (that probably wouldn’t have happened if I had combined them better, but the book was adamant about not overworking the dough, so I erred on the side of caution).  I don’t think they were quite the M&M cookies of J’s dreams (“They’re not flat!,” he exclaimed when he saw them.), but they are very, very good.  The sugar cookie base is excellent, which is encouraging for future variations of that recipe.  The cookies are exceptionally soft for a sugar cookie, also a plus.  But a word of waring:  these are decadent.  I can usually eat an unlimited amount of chocolate chip cookies, but halfway through my third cookie of these I was done.  But hey, maybe that means I can exact some self control.



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