Late-night Baking Adventures


Muffins fresh out of the oven!

Ah, finally a baking post!  This, my friends, is my forte.  Or more honestly, just where my interest lies.  Once again, I’m making baked goods for work, this time for an end of the year breakfast.  I didn’t actually sign up to bring anything (whoops), so I last minute decided to bake muffins (hence, the title…I didn’t start until after 10 pm).  I picked these raspberry and jam muffins since I had almost everything on hand, and they seemed pretty simple.

The recipe is straightforward, and it’s easy to assemble the dry ingredients while the butter is melting on the stove. The muffins turned out great.  Not too sweet, with a hint of tart from the fresh raspberry.  The only thing that really didn’t work out for me was the crumb topping– it just didn’t clump up like I expected it to.  So I only put a scant sprinkling on the muffins instead of piling it on like the picture.  I think the topping would really take it to the next level, so I will be adding more next time, regardless of consistency.  I might also up the amount of jam.  Either way, these are a great, easy fruit muffin recipe.  Added to my baking rotation!


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