Pre-fast Dinner


Tonight, I fast.  Not because I’m detoxing, or going on some crazy diet, or have actually gone crazy myself, but because I have to have bloodwork done tomorrow morning.  Which unfortunately means fasting.  J joked that he was staying away from me for the night, since he knows that I get…testy…when I don’t eat.  So, in an effort to not bite his head off (since I can’t bite into an ice cream cone), I decided to make a nice dinner to last me for the night.  Because, you know, it would be a travesty if I go too long without food.

I decided on this baked chicken parmesan because the only thing I had to buy was pasta sauce.  This was SO EASY.  I used Meijer organic tomato basil pasta sauce, and J made gnocci with butter and salt (healthy, right?) on the side.  Super easy, super good, super full.


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